freelancer working from home
5 Reasons to Quit Your Office Job and Become a Freelancer

No need to “go to work”

I’ve always been distracted by the prospect of “going to work” while retiring. It sounds damn boring, binding and … inevitable.

But as it turns out, there are (at least) 2 exits out of every hopeless situation. One of them is to choose the so-called Profession Freelancer. If you work freelance (as a freelancer), you won’t have to wake up early in the morning and “go to work” because she, work, is always with you. All you need (in most cases) is a computer, a mouse and a charger. And coffee, of course

You can have your time

It is a common misconception that time is money. Money is time. If you think about having enough money, you have more time. Time for yourself, for your family, for your friends. One of the most appealing aspects of Professional Freelancer, for example, is the ability to get up when you want. You went to a concert yesterday and got home after midnight? No problem, you can sleep till noon today! And the unhappy face of the half who, with difficulty (and hangover), slips out from under the sheets to go out in the dark and “go to work” is invaluable …

No need to “take a vacation”

One of the things that annoy me most about working as a contract employee is the need to ask for permission to go on vacation. They are lists, bargains with college students, planning a summer vacation from Earnest, a terrible job … God forbid you to have to be away for a day or two outside the planned schedule! You have to pray to your boss, find a replacement, worry all the time, pick up the business phone, call the office 20 times because suddenly all your colleagues are amnesia and they don’t know how to do basic things…

You can work while at sea

Or pyjamas in bed. Or while you’re at the pool (Tuesday, when everyone else is in the office). Or the Spanish steps in Rome. Or while eating octopus salad and drinking Verde wine on the Atlantic (only 20 minutes from Lisbon, if there is no traffic). Ask me how I know

You have no boss

As a freelancer, you are a freelance specialist and work with clients on various projects. You choose whether to work with a particular client. If you don’t like a project, you simply refuse to work on it. Yes, you are not paid while you are blooming on Facebook during office hours, but you are not hung upside down all day demanding what, how and when to end.