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Cheap and Working Advertising Methods

The bottom line is that cheap, provocative advertising methods cost less and are remembered longer. The main thing is to use the effect of surprise and strike exactly at the target.

First, guerrilla marketing is mostly used by small businesses, but over time, guerrilla has also attracted the attention of IBM, Microsoft, Volvo, Mercedes, American Express and other corporations. A successfully launched virus helps to attract the attention of the audience with very little money. What advertising methods are appropriate for this?

Money or the challenge

The ALS Association Foundation has long considered how to draw attention to the problem of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The solution was brilliantly simple, the Ice Bucket Challenge action. Its basic rule: The participant must pour a bucket of ice water, transfer $ 10 to the fund and hand over the baton to three other people. If at the last moment the person changes his / her decision, then $ 100 is paid into the ALS Association as retaliation. Famous people like Vin Diesel and Bill Gates help to advertise. One hundred million have raised the fund as a result of the campaign.

Other organizations are beginning to use this method. As part of the Lyme Disease Campaign, people were asked to eat lime or donate $ 10 to the fund. But some fans of such entertainment receive, instead of fame and money, receive reproaches.

Recently, porn actress founder Danny Frost convinced his wards to shoot a box between their breasts. Initially, their actions had no social cause, but after the spread of the HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge virus, it began to become associated with the support of breast cancer patients. The women who survived the operation were insulted and replied with their candid pictures.

Exit to the city

Sometimes the makers of viral videos go off the streets to the streets – this increases the effect of the action. Coffee maker Folgers Coffee glued an image of the top of a glass full of coffee to the top of New York’s sewer hatches. When steam came out of the sewer it seemed that it was coming out of freshly brewed coffee.

Sky Atlantic TV channel is also promoting its new TV series Fortitude in an urban environment. Just before the premiere, the project’s creators were equipped with their main advertising medium in London, the polar bear. It was hard to distinguish from the real one. The model with two puppeteers inside was very naturalistic. The animal entertains as it can, digs into the trash take selfies and rides on the subway.

Merger with environment

Merging with the environment is not only part of advertising methods, but it is also a way of surviving the market. The Altai small businesses are a prime example in this regard. To increase sales of wireless exam headsets, they first went to all universities to find out which teachers were the “worst” of all in the world. After the analysis, they put in an advertisement with photos of the professors at VKontakte, where you cannot take the exam for the first time with the promise “If you cannot take the exam at Vasilev – we will help you!”

Alien glory

Rosebank quarrels with Tink Credit Systems Bank. But instead of continuing to cower on Twitter, the developers have devised a browser game with Oleg Tinkov in the lead role. What can a player do? Aim at a Tinkov missile and shoot him with Roketbank cards. Oleg Yurevich strikes a series of retaliatory blows. Do not turn, do not run, so the interest rate on the loan will start to rise. When they reach 100%, the game ends. But the marketing resonance remains.

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Can We Start a Business Without a Business Plan?

Do you have a business idea that you want to realize one day? Do you want an interested investor to notice you and fund your future business or do you want to expand your business through additional business?

All this is possible if you structure your idea into a business plan that shows you all its positive and negative aspects. However, if you are unsure about the benefits of a forward plan and are thinking about skipping this step, see what it can help us do and whether we can start a business without having a business plan in place.

The answer to the question of whether we can start our own business without having a business plan is easy – we can, but to what extent will it be profitable? It is advisable, whether it is a plan detailing all the relevant views or just aids for action. The key is to anticipate and plan every important aspect of your idea. This can be done most easily by creating a business plan.

What does the business plan help us?

You may need a business plan if you are applying for financing from a lender or investor. But first, it is for you – for those who have an idea to structure in a comprehensive action plan. It will be useful to you, whether you need it to plan your overall vision for the business or to expand your business area, for example, through online business planning (Online Business Planning Course)

You will be surprised how much easier it will be to start a business when you have everything you need.

Through a business plan, you will be able to see your product in its entirety, check its profitability, track your competitors, make a marketing and financial plan of action. With its help, based on pre-calculated data, you will be able to plan the need for funds for a certain period and look in-depth the characteristics of the internal and external environment.

How risky is it to start a business without a business plan?

Statistics show that in Bulgaria as many as 95% of entrepreneurs who have started their own business are going bankrupt in their first year on the market. Some of them cease operations due to the unfavourable environment and economic environment, while another – because it has failed to calculate and predict in advance the resources it will need and the steps it will take. This is a clear indicator of the importance of the business plan as a tool that guides us during the planning, start-up and management of our business. All these and more benefits of a business plan can tell you that you will be one step closer to realizing your idea if you bet on using it.

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8 Reasons To Become A Web Tester

Why Become a Web Tester? If developers are the heart of a software project, the project manager is the brain, then QA engineers are the bloodline.

Without a proper QA, the programmer cannot send blood to the brain, and the result is obvious – a failed project and a bad end product. Web testing is not just about finding bugs and defects, but also presenting those defects so that they can be understood and removed. The work involves finding ways to fully improve the quality of the workflow and products, as well as implementing new ideas. Here are some of the many benefits of the QA profession:

Easy to adapt to work

Even without previous experience, one can easily be trained and become a successful tester, as long as there is some minimum of observational and communicative qualities, as well as sufficient desire for development in this field. On the other hand, the transition from one tester category to another becomes relatively easy (for example, from a web tester to a game tester or mobile application), because testing generally develops complex skills once acquired – they can be applied in different ways in different areas of development of software products.

As a web tester, we receive great respect

At the beginning of our careers, once we have completed our first tasks, we become easily recognizable by the people we work with on projects, colleagues, clients and other people we have contact with. Our opinion is highly valued and sought after.

We can become consultants

Web testers and software testers generally handle many tasks at the same time, acquire management skills, have contact with anyone they work within a project, acquire knowledge in various fields, can evaluate a product objectively. Once we become consultants, it is easy for us to cope with our work because we have already learned everything we need during our QA career.

We gain more knowledge

Our colleagues can easily share their knowledge as long as we ask them. If we are creative and often seek information, we will also improve our working methods and optimize our time as much as possible. As QA engineers, we have the right to ask any questions related to the work process and products, which enriches our complex knowledge in various fields, not only ours.

Being a web tester is a challenge and fun

For many testers as well as ordinary users, it is a great challenge to find the weaknesses of a well-made product.

 QA engineers attend many workshops and participate in discussions, the work is diverse and there is something new every day. Testers come in roles of different users, they can test on different devices, and browsing a single website from multiple perspectives and finding deficiencies can be a very fun and time-consuming workflow.

Testing a product is easier than creating it

To be able to evaluate a product, understand how it works and know how it should work, it is not necessary to know how it is created. This makes the profession very suitable for people who are new to the IT field.

Highly-paid career

Modern companies reward their QA specialists appropriately, often the pay is not much different from that of the product developers, sometimes even higher.

Training and development

Frequent encounters with other people’s mistakes help us become more observant and find our own mistakes. We acquire qualities that help us to see more clearly and in more detail the world around us, not just websites, which helps us to improve even our way of life. If we are designers or developers, having the qualities of a QA specialist, we will see our shortcomings, upgrade and improve our work, create better products in a shorter time.