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5 Arguments in Favour of the Simultaneous Use of SEO and SMM Internet Marketing

Some e-commerce representatives still think that internet marketing is made up of dozens of different destinations that are virtually unrelated to one another.

For example, these people believe in social networking promotion (SMM) as a highly specialized activity that cannot be combined with search engine marketing (SEM) in general and search engine optimization (SEO) in particular.

However, our experience confirms that a comprehensive approach to promoting an online business is the most effective. For example, today, all businessmen know that working with social networks increases the effectiveness of website optimization.

All roads lead to Facebook

Internet marketers have been allowed to use social networks to increase the credibility of advertised resources. This is due to the rapid increase in popularity of online communities in recent years.

And it’s not that search engines have learned to accept social signals. Popular networks, including Facebook, Twitter and more, are already being used by bloggers and journalists for news resources as sources of information. In other words, the reach of the audience is increasing, leading to an increase in the number of external links, citing the resource in themed sites, communities, forums and blogs.

Now you understand why internet marketers are achieving better results by combining SEO and SMM. We will list five arguments in favour of using these advertising methods at the same time.

  • Social networking increases the effectiveness of website optimization. You deliver quality social signals to search engines and users and create positive background noise.
  • You are deleting the line between paid advertising and natural promotion in communities while using SEO and SMM.
  • By combining SEO and SMM, you can significantly expand your sales funnel. This old marketing concept works well in the field of e-commerce. The more people see your messages, the more “leftover” there will be at the bottom of the funnel.
  • On social networks, you can accurately target your marketing campaign. This greatly increases the effectiveness of advertising events.
  • Turning to an agency that simultaneously implements social and marketing strategies to drive you to save time. You won’t have to explain the same things to social networking experts, optimizers, contextual experts, several times.

So, we dare say that the time of closely specialized companies working in the field of Internet marketing is over. The results for promoting your business on the Internet will be higher if you partner with agencies capable of planning and implementing integrated marketing strategies.

The holistic approach of the link between creating and publishing high-quality content, search and social development, advertising campaigns, guarantees you long-term results that are not dependent on any updates to search algorithms. Therefore, investing in a holistic approach is always more effective than unsystematic link buying, link collecting through social networking bots, and other unrelated activities.