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Advantages of The Blog as an Advertising Platform

Personal blogs are an important channel for promoting the strategy of modern internet marketing. These are areas such as hidden PR, content marketing, crowd-marketing, custom articles, and more.

Interestingly, the popularity of some authors is so high that the effect of using such a platform for advertising purposes can be significantly higher than with many other sources. This is due to many factors, in particular, the personalization and trust of the audience towards the author.

Important Advantages of the Blog as an Advertising Platform:


Most blogs, even if it’s a personal diary, stick to a specific topic. Often this topic is in the interests of the author, which guarantees the quality of the publications and the expert level of knowledge.

Advertising Requirements

An ambiguous point, but in most cases, bloggers do not upload promotional material that they do not like or do not fit into their subject matter. This, accordingly, enhances the quality of this site as an advertising platform;
The confidence of the audience. In contrast to the well-known commercial resources, trust in personal blogs is much higher. If the author recommends a product or service, then it is worthy of consideration.


With the help of bloggers, it’s easy to get quality feedback from your potential customers, who make it much easier to get in touch with comments on uploaded material. If the material is interesting, there can be dozens of comments in the discussions, which increases the credibility of promoting the business;

It is difficult to disagree that the benefits listed above play a really important role in promoting each product. Blog advertising is different from the interaction with the usual content on the sites and some nuances need to be taken into account when using this channel.

First of all, it is important to understand that honest ad text may not be readable by readers and may cause the opposite effect, a negative wave in the direction of the blogger and the product that he is advertising. Often an author may simply refuse to publish this type of material.

It’s also worth noting that the most popular promotion format for blogging reviews. Ie you suggest that the author personally take advantage of your product or service and then write and publish the relevant blog review. In this case, you will benefit much more than publishing material prepared by the company’s marketers.